Munich Prostmasters

Be present and help officers reach their goals

Step in for officers who need help

Toastmasters International

Before Club Meetings
• Ask the vice president education if any members are to receive special recognition
at the meeting.
• Ask the vice president membership if any new members are to be inducted at
the meeting.
• Plan the business portion of the meeting.
• Review necessary parliamentary procedure.
Upon Arrival at Club Meetings
• Review the meeting agenda.
• Greet guests and members as they arrive to help them feel welcome.

During Club Meetings
• Call the meeting to order promptly at the scheduled time.
• Introduce guests.
• Briefly explain the meeting’s events for the benefit of guests.

• Introduce the Toastmaster of the meeting.

• Conduct the business portion of meeting.
• Give the date, time and place of the next meeting.
• Make any announcements.
• Adjourn the meeting on time.

Outside Club Meetings
• Attend and vote at area and district council meetings.
• Attend the Annual Business Meeting at the International Convention to vote on
behalf of the club or assign your club’s proxy to a member who is attending the
International Convention.
• Appoint the club’s audit committee near the end of the term.
• Appoint the nominating committee to nominate new club officers before the
beginning of the term.
• Schedule and chair club executive committee meetings.